Testimony Tuesday

I think a lot of new Christians who are stumbling through the Bible for the first time since their veil lifted seek out the characters they are most similar to. It is the supernatural way God keeps us focused. We find ourselves in Him.


Then, quite unexpectedly, a figure can be discerned on the shore, just visible in that luminous violet-purple rose half-light which precedes dawn by the Sea of Galilee.  Silent, apart from the odd plop of a jumping fish – well away from the disciples’ boat.  This mysterious stranger on the shore asked these experienced Galilean fishermen the most insensitive question.  “Friends, have you caught any fish?”  The frostiness in the reply is palpable.  “No.”   Then this person – and what did He know about fishing? – told them to throw the net out on the right side and they would find plenty.  Strangely enough they obeyed.  There is something in the commands of Jesus which just must be obeyed, even if we don’t quite know why at the moment…  And they caught so many fish – 153 large ones – that they couldn’t pull in the net!  Finally, the penny dropped.  “It is the Lord!” “When Simon Peter heard it was the Lord, he…jumped into the water and swam ashore.” [John 21:5-7, NLT].  

I read the Bible prior to my salvation, but didn’t truly have the stories come alive with humans and real struggle and geographic places until I was saved in May of 2018.

Of course, I am a feminist. Not a third wave feminist who is looking for every reason under the sun to hate men and still be able to have babies, but the kind that understands where we have been as women and where we are as women. But even more importantly, where we are going as women. When I read stories about the women of the Bible, I always see a little of myself in them. That is the clever truth behind salvation and the word of God. It is meant to be applicable throughout all ages of mankind on this earth. I think I have came to the conclusion that I am more of a Simon Peter than I previously thought, I am stubborn in that I have grown lazy and slipped right back into an old way of doing things.

I’m in a pickle right now because the Lord has asked me to do something I’m not quite sure how to do. I want to be obedient. I want to grasp the tiny mustard seed hanging around my neck in a locket and jump! But jumping off the cliff into the abyss is seemingly more difficult than it was prior to being saved. My life is quite different than it was a year ago. And yet, the difficulties are still apparent and very much there. Is it my approach and reaction that simply needs to be tweaked?

I believe the answer lies in blind obedience and faith.

Standing over the cliff gives me butterflies.

Lord, guide as we soak ourselves in your simple and firm direction. Help us to hear you clearly. Help us to see you clearly. Give us courage to do so in a world that laughs at our crazy faith. Amen.

Live, love.


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