3 Days Time

I ran across the image above and it resonated with me so much this Good Friday morning.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Everyone knows this verse.

It wasn’t until this week that I realized just how much I’ve transformed since giving my life to Christ. Then, yesterday, the significance of the week and the timing of this realization? Nothing short of God speaking to my soul. It is the Holy Ghost pushing me through these last few weeks and giving me the strength to realize my full potential and my full strength in Christ Jesus.

I am not a perfect Christian. But none of us are. We strive for excellence, but should not strive for perfection. That is a rouse that has been clothed in “success”, especially online, for a long time. It happens in church. It happens in school. And it happens in general life. Look to Him and He will save you from your own perfection. Because it was only He, who was truly all that was good and perfect and just.

What I thought of Calvary before I was saved, even after I suppose, is that He died so that I may live.


My organs are working.

I eat food and drink water.

It wasn’t until this week, when I let go of some “stuff” holding me back that I realized what He died for us FOR. And why!

He loved us so much that He wanted us:


Not just to breathe, eat food and be merry. But to LIVE, guilt-free in Him. He died so you can let go of anger, hurt, regret, pain, sorrow, and frustration. He died so that you may live forever with your loved ones in the afterlife Kingdom. He died so we can love our families and our own communities and truly SEE what is in front of us. But not just that, we are destined, those who are saved, to truly LIVE for the blessings of the Kingdom and to be the Chosen children of our creator. His desire is that we don’t just throw money at the world’s problems, but that we look into our own communities and get our hands dirty with the love of our fellow man, woman and child. That when we see hurt and despair we preach the gospel and allow generations of families to change and break their strongholds. He wants us to truly live in Him. What is the most sacred gift you can give someone? The gift of life. And when He comes to you, there is no looking away. You can deny Him, but He is still there, waiting patiently for you.

So many people put their faith in vapid spirituality, only to put their heads on their pillow at night and still long for the comfort that you can only find in Scripture. When you realize the power that is in the living Word of God, you will understand creation. You will understand yourself and your children. You can visibly see the battle between good and evil. Tear your veil! Rip it away! Seek God’s grace today! You simply have to ask. It is yours.

You will truly understand why Jesus died for you, so that you may truly LIVE.

Pick up the Bible today. Download the Bible app. But whatever you do, do not let another day go without tending to your salvation.

Live, love.


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